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How you benefit with TOUR LOUNGE

We give you

Many years of experience

We have looked after groups touring Europe for many years, whether it’s concert tours or travelling productions. 

We give you

Flexibility with transfers

If the group fancies doing an extra bit of sightseeing or wants to arrange a picnic during the trip, we’re always on hand to make that happen.

We give you

Services across Europe

Our mobility service is available across Europe. No matter if different places are involved for arrival, departure and performance venues, we’re there for you.

We give you

Long-standing partnership

We work discreetly in the background as a partner for travel agencies, and we’re a consistent, reliable point of contact for the tour group and the commissioning agency.

Tour Lounge Coach sunset

Coach transport to suit you

We’ll talk to you to establish what your group needs, whether it’s a simple tour bus for a budget-conscious student orchestra or the comfortable Dayliner for a more illustrious ensemble.

We’ll discuss issues like the number of seats required, luggage space, transport of equipment and instruments, special equipment, vehicle branding and catering.

Our services

Tour planning under one roof

Good preparation is key, especially for concert tours: organisers don’t just need to be familiar with access to the concert venues, they also need to know the various requirements in Europe’s tourist destinations and how to meet them.

Mobility across Europe

We give you drivers with international experience who can communicate in multiple languages, and we understand and respect the customs of groups from a wide range of countries.

Vehicles to suit all requirements

With everything from premium minibuses to state-of-the-art tour buses and double-deckers with or without lounge areas, our vehicle pool has you covered wherever you go in Europe.

Tour managers & guides

We can also be your tour host. Experienced drivers will look after your group while you’re travelling and also handle issues that don’t relate directly to your journeys. And a tour guide can travel with you if you wish.

Tour Lounge Tour planning

Tour Lounge

Tour planning

Tour Lounge

Vehicle pool

Contact us

Get in touch with us!

We’re on hand to give advice for your upcoming tours, and we’ll put together a personalised tour plan with suitable transport options. 

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